Have to ask … anyone got tickets for the match????? Please!!!

Am part fair weather supporter but i did go to the semi-final against the Dubs and twas only class, burstin with pride, brilliant to be in Croke Park on the winning side- that was a first for me…..having gone to all our other All-Ireland’s over the years. Have even done me time on the ‘Up for the Match’! but can’t this time as . . .

The Donegal Legend that is Tommy Peoples & mesel are playing this saturday night in Hollywood, Co.Wicklow.

Tommy, Breanndán Begley & mesel had a lovely few gigs first week of September up in Derry, Belfast & Omagh (where they were all up for Donegal-but i flew the Mayo flag proudly from the car!), with Breanndán acting as referee! ; )

I want to say Ádh mór to our lads on Sunday. Really feel it is Mayo’s time. They showed great courage in the semi and we pray for the best outcome, which is of course Mayo to WIN THE SAM MAGUIRE CUP! and bring it home to Mayo.