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The Clew Bay Pipe Band  are a new band set up by Des Cafferkey and Peter Carney in the last 2-3 years. There are pipers as young as 11 years of age in the band. What they have achieved in this short space of time is incredible. Des & Peter are from Achill and grew up with the piping tradition and now both live in the Westport area. I’ve been living in Achill for 5 years now and I love the pipe bands. There are 5 pipe bands here from different villages and a relatively new ‘Achill Pipe Band‘ formed from those to compete in pipe band competitions.

I played with the CBPB at their concert in Hotel Westport and at the Westport Festival. It was a great experience. The band are class and also the other guests who played too; Kathy Quinn on Keyboards, Catherine O’Driscoll on fiddle, Sean McGuire on flute, Raff on drums, Steve Cooney on guitar, Edison, a great rock band, Coda, 7 piece male choir, all from the Westport area and then of course at the Festival Matt Molloy came up and opened the show with the number that CBPB did with the Chieftains last year, Damien Dempsey sang Raglan Road and Mundy topped it off with the Galway girl. They needed to build another stage for the whole lot of us!!! Great gig and delighted to have been a part of it. Epic ; o

Westport fest

CBPB aft Wport gig-small